Furniture Restoration, Repair & Refinishing Services

Furniture Repairs

  • Repairing broken joints

  • Creating new joints i.e mortise and tenon joints, doweling

  • Glueing repairs

  • Creating new pieces to replace missing or broken areas

  • Glueing splits & cracks

  • Filling splits & cracks


  • Making alterations to your existing piece, giving it a second life & purpose

  • e.g Making a large table smaller in diameter

  • e.g Cutting out a split to close a gap

  • e.g Transforming a childhood sledge into a glass coffee table


  • Replace old broken fixings i.e Castor feet, jewellery box hinges

  • Apply fixings where missing i.e Castor feet, jewellery box hinges

Sanding & applying a new finish

  • Sanding furniture back to bare wood, to apply a wood finish of your choice

Striping & applying a new finish

  • Stripping furniture back to bare wood, to apply a wood finish of your choice

Wood Finishing

  • Applying wood oil finishes

  • Applying wood varnish finishes

  • Applying wood stain finishes

  • Applying wood polish finishes

  • Applying wood Wax finishes

All repairs stated are dependent on the condition of the individual piece of furniture.

Each piece in need of restoration, repair or refinishing, will have their own specific requirements and be in different conditions.

I will discuss with you the processes of restoration which will need to be undertaken for your specific piece.


This Heals Oak day bed was stored in a shed for a period of time, gathering dirt and grime. The thick dark tar surface finish was to be stripped back and completely removed. The piece was to be made to look modern with a clear finish, as it was being moved into a light modern home.

Several Oak conference chairs had broken arm rests which were previously badly repaired, though seeing the dowels and screws that were used to reinforce the broken original mortise and tenon joints. The piece was to be re jointed and fit for purpose.

The client has had this custom made large coffee table in his family for over 20 years, where his children use to spin themselves around on a large silver bowl for fun. The scratches were to be removed by sanding the top smooth and then apply a clear protective wood finish.

This much loved childhood vintage sledge was commissioned to be kept as a sledge but to be turned into a coffee table, so that he could once again use his childhood wooden sledge, with a new purpose.

Hand planning smooth to remove a large split through the centre of a pub pedestal table, in preparation for glueing the top together with a clean tight joint.

This writing bureau has been broken for a period of years. The client wanted it to once again have their years of family history use in this piece, to be brought back to life again.

A re made section of this legs component was made and ready to be glued into place.

A set of six Danish, Cherry wood dining chairs were all broken at the joints in different places. Each chair required several ways of clamping and glueing.

The joints were loose and broken, only held in by the screwed in corner blocks. The joints were to be repaired and the chair to be back to its functional use again..


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